Guitar Pro 7
Wednesday, July 26, 2017 - 11:30

Guitar Pro 7

Schools upgrade your licenses to Guitar Pro 7
$36.52exGST per license - each license can be installed on 3 computers.

New Guitar Pro 7 Licenses $91.30exGST -each license can be installed on 3 computers

New Features in Guitar Pro 7 include a new interface, more sounds, improved music XML import/export, new audio export options, new musical notation can check out all the new features and download a trial here

Sibelius Academic for Student or Teacher
Friday, July 21, 2017 - 10:57

Students and Teachers can purchase Sibelius Academic Perpetual License for
$470.00incGST (Download only) This includes one year of AVID Support and Updates
after the first year you can decide whether to continue with the update and support package at a cost of

or an Annual Subscription for $160.00incGST
Both are good options.

Purchasing through Computer Music Ltd gives you an extra
level of support and the option to talk to someone who
uses the product on a daily basis.

Click here for a printable flyer - suitable for school noticeboards


Band in a Box UltraPlusPak
Monday, June 26, 2017 - 15:19

Band in a Box Ultra Plus Pack NZ

Create your own backing tracks with ease!

We have Band in a Box Ultra Plus Pak in stock,
preinstalled and ready to use on a high-speed USB 2.0 hard drive.

Ultra  Plus Pak  $760.00incGST (Including delivery of hard drive)

The Ultra Pak has all these great features.

Ships preinstalled and ready to use on a high-speed USB 2.0 hard drive.

Band in a Box Mega Pak features


20GB download   $430.00incGST


Band in a Box Pro features


10GB Download   $220.00incGST

  • Band-in-a-Box® 2017
  • RealBand 2017
  • Pro RealCombos: Over 200 RealTracks instruments in 38 Bands!
  • 50 MIDI SuperTracks
  • Over 400 MIDI Styles
  • Over 100 MIDI Soloists
  • Over 60 MIDI Melodists
  • 21 Nature Sounds and Percussion Loops
  • 22 Artist Performances
  • 1,000 Dubstep, Modern and Top 40 Loops

But wait there's more!

Check here for more Band in Box features and  information

May/June Education Updates
Thursday, June 1, 2017 - 15:41

The May and June Computer Music Updates are
online here

Auralia and Musition add a browser option which make it even more flexible and user friendly than
ever before. MusicFirst add Soundtrap to their online tool suit and there are some hints of whats coming up
in Sibelius.

We are putting together a sibelius  NZ Educators Upskill challenge on FaceBook  - if you are wanting to
feel more confident with Sibelius drop me a line and i will let you know when we kick off.

Win this XKey 25 key Midi Controller
Friday, November 18, 2016 - 09:14


Win this great Xkey midi controller keyboard

Retail  value $160.00incGST
25 keys  Ultra Slim. The Xkey is made from rugged, brushed aluminium. Pop it in your backpack ... It weighs only 600g so you won’t even know it’s there. Works with PC, Mac and iPad.
All you need to do is get on the mailing list for the Computer Music Education Updates, which have the latest information
about Sibelius, Auralia, Musition, MusicFirst, Mixcraft and Band in a Box in NZ,  loads  of links to helpful Sibelius how to's, other tutorials  as well as links to a free computer resources  for yourclassroom PDF.

This month everyone who is subscribed to the list will go in the draw to win.

Subscribe here and be in to win.

Only valid for New Zealand residents.

Sibelius Trouble Shooting
Thursday, November 3, 2016 - 11:46

The two main issues that are cropping up most at the moment
are activation and sounds

Here is a document which will help with the activation issues you may be having
Sibelius Activation Help

If your Sibelius Sounds have suddenly dissapeared
even if it appears that you have the Sibelius Sound libray file paths and
folder sizes the speediest fix is to re install the Sound Libraries from disk.
You will need to do all 4 disks, and start with the very first one.
This applies to Sibelius 7 7.5 and 8.

If we are not available to help solve your problem  for any reason you can access Sibelius support
even if you don't have an AVID account.  Check here for AVID Sibelius support options.

MusicFirst Junior
Thursday, November 3, 2016 - 10:42

If you would like a trial just drop me a line,
you just need 15 minutes to watch the video and you will be away...

MusicFirst Junior™ is an amazing new Teaching System for Primary Music Education. Ideal for both teacher - led and independent student use, it’s also perfect for flipped classrooms and cross-arts learning.


Using Chromebooks, Laptops, Desktop Computers - and coming soon as an iPad App for Students, MusicFirst Junior gives Primary Students instant access to Music Learning Tools and Learning Content relevant to their learning level and appropriate curriculum, via a simple carousel selector.

 Teachers simply decide what Music Learning tools and content their Students can use and when they the should see it. This is done via a simple Teacher Control Panel:


Teachers choose from lists of Lesson Plans, Learning Pathways, Individual Materials (such as Song sheets, Images, Videos or Audio), and links to Music Apps such as Groovy Music and Morton Subotnik's Music Academy. 

Once they have found what they want, Teachers simply drag a Learning item to the Student Cloud - and the material will immediately appear on all student devices for that class!

Built in Music Education Video Library: 


Students see materials Teachers put in their Anytime Cloud immediately:



Teachers can also control what Students can see on any date, simply by using Planner Mode

Here, teachers can group learning materials into clouds, and schedule the date and order they want their students to see them:

Materials can be dragged on to any cloud in the planner, and arranged in the order students should see them on their carousels:



Learning Materials can also be sequenced into a fixed order for students - this is called a Pathway:

Teachers can also add text and record voice instructions to appear before the student interacts with each item.

It's like being able to be right there with each student, no matter when or where they actually do their learning!



MusicFirst Junior comes with a large Library of finely crafted Lesson Plans, ready to be used as they are, or customized using the in-built Lesson Plan Editor. Lesson Plans contain all the information teachers expect, including Objectives, Standards, Procedures, Student MaterialsTeacher Presentations, and more. 

Teachers can also write their own lesson plans from scratch, and share these with their colleagues.

When a lesson is dragged to a student cloud, only the Student Materials within appear on the Student's carousels: 



Teachers also have their own set of clouds, which is great for presenting materials to a class full screen, or using a projector. Dragging a Lesson Plan to a Teacher cloud places only the relevant materials for presentation there - the rest of the information in the Lesson Plan is only for the Teacher to see.


Naturally, Teachers want to observe their students' interaction and progress with the Learning Materials they have been assigned. Observe mode allows Teachers to select a class and individual student, and then see what the Student has opened, created, has currently in progress or has completed, by means of simple color codes for each item in the Students cloud.

MusicFirst Extended Subscription November 2016
Thursday, November 3, 2016 - 10:17

Extended Subscription for the MusicFirst Online Classroom 


Order the MusicFirst Online Classroom from now until November 30, 2016 and your subscription will be extended through to December 31, 2017.* 


The sooner you order the longer you will have to explore Musicfirst and implement for the 2017 school year and, we'll deliver a webinar training session for your school staff as convenient between Nov 15 to December 15, 2016!  


Use our School Price Estimator(prices in Australian $) and configure your classroom with selected integrated software tools well suited to the needs of middle and secondary level students. 


* Offer valid for first time subscribers.

MusicFrist $NZ Pricelist






Focus on Sound








Sight Reading Factory 






Drop us a line if you would like a quote
a free trial or to order



June Monthly Education Update
Tuesday, June 28, 2016 - 21:07

June Newsletter is now online


Interesting Music Links
Monday, June 27, 2016 - 12:00

Here are three interesting music ideas for June

Composing for Video Games Masterclass

Noteflight recently hosted this fascinating masterclass by Chance Thomas
I found it useful for a number of reasons, it helped me
expand my vocab and understand exactly what it is my teenage sons
are on about in terms of gaming structure and functionality as well as a clear
process for composing for the gaming industry. Well worth a watch.
Composing for video games masterclass link






I recently had cause to explore the world of glitchart,
and in a fantastic coincidence it turns out that you can use the free DAW
Audacity to manipulate visual data. Who knew?
It took a bit of trial and error to get a result, but I did and
it was so worth it.
Very satisfying to see the results of using audio effects on an image.
Below you can see the clean image and then one that has had
the treble and bass tweeked.  For more infomation you can check out this link


Matariki Resources

The New Zealand Music Commission recently sent this link through
There is  a video, lead sheets and  instrumental tracks for both songs