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Subscription Price for Music First Classroom starts at $275.00exGST for 50 students


MusicFirst Online Classroom

  • Online classroom for music education
  • Curriculum-based lessons and content
  • Digital assessment and portfolios for all students
  • Student and teacher access anywhere on any device
  • Create and grade tests and projects with ease
  • Integrated music software tools available

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Software can be purchased either as part of the online classroom or stand alone.
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Classroom Resources

MusicFirst is the ultimate source of inspiration for your classroom. With lesson plans and direct access to a worldwide network of teachers, you’ll never run out of ideas!

Enjoy access to the world’s largest source of instructional materials and sheet music from Music Sales Group including content from G. Schirmer, Rhinegold Education, Novello & Company, Chester, and more. From basic recorder instruction to top-level education books and sheet music, MusicFirst delivers a wealth of resources.

Standards-Based Lesson Plans at Your Fingertips

MusicFirst also features a large library of custom-made, standards-based lesson plans—complete with audio examples, interactive lesson sheets, and more. Each lesson is mapped to educational standards, and you can search by grade level, subject, standard, and more.

Store Unlimited Lesson Plans

With MusicFirst, you’ll never forget or misplace another lesson plan. It’s easy to store plans for each class or subject, then recall them whenever you need—or share them with others in your school or cluster.


Connect with Educators Around the World

MusicFirst is your ticket into a worldwide community of modern educators. Use the online hub to exchange ideas, provide feedback, and connect with others who share your passion.

 There’s a ton of valuable content online—and now MusicFirst gives you a safe, easy way to bring it into the classroom. Securely embed audio, video, and image links into your MusicFirst lessons to augment the learning experience.


Assessment & Grading

MusicFirst takes the hassle out of assessment, so you can stay focused on teaching. Comprehensive testing, grading, and reporting tools are built right in—and grades, scores, and projects follow each student throughout the program.

Complete Digital Portfolio

MusicFirst collects compositions, recordings, written responses, quizzes, and tests in a secure online portfolio that you and your students can review any time. You’ll always know exactly where they are in your program—and it’s never been easier to share progress with parents.

Online Gradebook
For nearly all of our software titles teachers can find out how often students have logged in, how much work they have completed, and (where appropriate) can view and listen to what they have created. Testing grades are dropped into an online gradebook so grades and progress are instantly visible.

 Export with Ease

MusicFirst makes it easy to download your gradebook as a CSV file, so you can open it Excel and other software applications.


Built-in Testing and Assessment

MusicFirst is the best way to assess students at any level—from a single class to an entire district. Get up and running quickly with built-in tests, then customize them as you like. And of course, MusicFirst automatically compiles grades, portfolios, and progress reports for every student


Meeting the Standards

We know it’s critical for students to meet standards milestones. That’s why MusicFirst provides standards-based lessons and tools that help students sail through their assessments.



Manage Your Classroom

MusicFirst gives you everything you need to manage your music classroom, calendar, and curriculum. From scheduling assignments and tracking progress to communicating with students and parents, MusicFirst provides total access and control

24/7 Access for Students and Teachers With MusicFirst, learning goes way beyond the classroom.

Your students can tap into award-winning software and resources anywhere they have an Internet connection—at home, the library, or even a coffee shop—at no additional cost.

No Computer Lab Required

MusicFirst brings a state-of-the-art learning environment to all your favorite devices—tablets, smartphones, smartboards, laptops, and more. Ideal for one-to-one initiatives, students can use your school’s computers or tablets, as well as personal devices at home.

Customize Your Environment

It’s easy to customize the MusicFirst experience to reflect your school’s look and feel. With a unique domain and login page for your school or district, access is always safe and secure.

Fast, Intuitive Scheduling

With our unique Calendar view, it has never been easier to schedule and manage assignments. See what’s coming up at a glance. Clone classes over marking periods. You can also drag and drop lesson plans and assignment schedules—and more.


Safe Communication

When questions arise, communicate directly with students and parents through the secure MusicFirst message system. Easily create announcements and notifications, clarify expectations, schedule rehearsals, and more. MusicFirst automatically archives conversations for future reference.


Integrated Software

Tired of researching which software solutions are right for your classroom? Leave that to us—we’ve hand-picked state-of-the-art tools for notation, recording, music appreciation, listening skills, and more. These software applications seamlessly integrate with the MusicFirst environment, so you never have to worry about compatibility, setup, or even upgrades.






MusicFirst offers teachers and students, cloud based solutions that enable music learning, creation, assesment, sharing and exploration on any device at any time, anywhere.

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Products include


Noteflight for writing and editing notation.


Music Delta

Music Delta a graphical,interactive music appreciation, general music and music history.


inside music

Inside Music for more advanced music composition


Focus on Sound

Focus on Sound a powerful multimedia tool for listening skill development



Soundation  amazing cloud based sequencer


learn to compose

O-Generator Learn to Compose unique tool for learning to compose rock, pop and dance styles


world music

O-Generator World Music learn to play and compose African and Latin rhythms

Subscription Price for Music First Classroom starts at $275.00exGST for 50 students

Our main aim is to keep you writing, playing and teaching music — not getting frustrated with your computer, and we work hard to solve any problems you have as quickly as possible.

Computer Music Ltd also offer a set of Professional Development workshops in Computer Music Education, for beginners through to more advanced users, groups or individuals.

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