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Auralia 4 | Ear Training Package | Ear Training Software | New Zealand
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Auralia Student $165.00inc GST<br /> Auralia and Musition Student Bundle&nbsp;&mdash; save 20%<br /><br /> **Purchase Auralia and Musition Student together for just $246.00inc GST**<br /><br /> Auralia 4&nbsp; single $230.00inc GST<br /> Purchase with Musition Single and receive a&nbsp;20% discount.<br /> Auralia4&nbsp;/ Musition4 bundle $370.00inc GST<br />

Auralia 4 is the complete Ear Training package! With 41 topics, thousands of exercises and lessons, assessment and administration features, Auralia 4 is ideal for students, schools and teachers!

For the very first time, Auralia and is available on Windows and Mac simultaneously - with the same feature set!
Auralia 4 and Musition 4 also has built in  NZ NCEA syllabus support

Auralia and Musition now available as a

Cloud Subscription Edition

$35.00 for 12 Months


41 Ear Training topics, divided into 5 topic groups:

  • Intervals and Scales
  • Chords
  • Rhythm
  • Harmony & Form
  • Pitch & Melody

Auralia has always had extensive learning and reference materials available for students, in the form of Lessons screens. In version 4, all Lessons have been refreshed, updated and expanded. Every screen now features a clean modern look and notation examples can be easily played back, by simply by clicking on the notation with your mouse.

In today’s electronic music classrooms and teaching studios, Lessons allow students to easily browse through subject areas that they aren’t familiar with and address problem areas quickly and easily. They also allow students working outside the classroom to work more effectively without teacher supervision.

Auralia Student $165.00inc GST
Auralia and Musition Student Bundle — save 20%

**Purchase Auralia and Musition Student together for just $246.00inc GST**

Auralia 4  single $230.00inc GST
Purchase with Musition Single and receive a 20% discount.
Auralia4 / Musition4 bundle $370.00inc GST

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