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Musition 5 is the complete software for learning and testing music theory. With 34 topics, Musition's drills and lessons cover Note Reading, Chords, Intervals, Scales, Terms, Rhythm Tapping, Key Signatures and much much more. Integrated assessment and administration features make Musition 5 ideal for use in the classroom or at home.

For the very first time, Auralia and Musition will be available on Windows and Mac simultaneously with the same feature set!
Auralia 4 and Musition 4 also has built in  NZ NCEA syllabus support
Auralia and Musition Now available as a Cloud Subscription Edition

  • Musition Student
  • Musition 5 Academic
  • Musition Multi License
  • Upgrade your existing Musition

Musition Student
Musition is perfect for high school and university students and musicians wishing to have their own copy of Musition 5 for home use, also for anyone wanting to brush up on their music theory skill set. The student version has all the same exercises, drills and information that Musition Academic has, the difference being that you can only have 3 users in the administration section instead of the unlimited and amazingly multifaceted administration section of Musition Academic.

Musition 5 Student
$115.00inc GST and P&P
Auralia and Musition Student Bundle save 20%
Purchase Auralia and Musition Student together for just $165.00inc GST

Musition 5 Academic
Musition 5 Academic single is ideal for itinerant teachers, and classroom teachers who need to have multiple students improving their music theory competency.
Great for a pre or post lesson aural session Musition will drill and test and mark instantly, keeping track of progress and also providing important background knowledge for students.

Musition 5 Academic single $230.00inc GST
Purchase with Auralia Academic Single and receive a 20% discount.
Auralia 5/Musition 5 bundle $370.00inc GST

Musition Multi License

Musition 5 Multi licence (5 seat minimum) $120.87exGST per  seat
Musition 5/Auralia 5 Multi license bundle(5 seat minimum) $191.30exGST per seat

Using Auralia and Musition in the classroom
Auralia and Musition both include simple yet sophisticated tools for classroom management, student assessment and record-keeping, and networking, making them the ideal software tools for your music classroom.

All multi-user copies of Auralia and Musition provide these features via included network server software at no extra cost.

Simple networking
All of the copies of Auralia and Musition in your school can access a central database for the purposes of storing student profiles, assessment history, customized syllabuses, and so on. Simply set up one of your Windows or Mac computers as the host for the network database using the infomation provided , and then all of your other computers regardless of whether they run Auralia or Musition for Windows or Mac can connect.

Connect from anywhere in your school
The computers your students use to run Auralia and Musition don t even need to be in the same classroom as your network server. Install Auralia and Musition in your school library, music practice rooms, student common rooms, etc. as well as your classroom, and students can log on from anywhere to their own personalized profile.

Classroom management
Auralia and Musition allow you to set up profiles for all of the students in each of your classes in just a few minutes: simply create the Class, then assign students to that Class. You can set options for each Class, including minimum levels (so that students in advanced classes are not made to work through questions that are too easy for them), whether or not students can attempt questions multiple times, which Syllabuses should be included, and more.

Tests and electronic worksheets
Sometimes you will be happy to let students work through the materials in Auralia and Musition in a self-directed fashion, but sometimes you will want them to work through specific sets of questions. You can choose between dozens of preset Tests, or you can quickly and simply construct your own.

You can even create a test at school, export it to a file, then email that file to your students using Auralia 4 Student or Musition 4 Student at home. They can complete the test and email you a PDF showing their results!

Record-keeping and results
Each student s progress is automatically tracked as they work through the Drills, Tests and Courses in Auralia and Musition, with the results logged on the network server (or on the student s individual computer, if the network server has not been set up).

Teachers can easily view, print and export their students results, which are updated daily, allowing constant monitoring and tracking of student progress.

All of these features make Auralia and Musition the ultimate software tools for your music classroom.

Upgrade your existing Musition

Upgrading Auralia
Please see below for NZ upgrade prices. don't hesitate to call for a formal quote.

Musition 5 Academic Single upgrade $143.00inc GST $124.35ex GST
Musition 4 Multi License upgrade $86.09ex GST per seat
Musition 4/Auralia 4 Multi license upgrade bundle per seat $136.52ex GST

Auralia and Musition have long been known as the ultimate solution for Ear Training and Theory Training. With the release of version 4, the case for implementing these amazing tools in your classroom becomes even more compelling.


Auralia and Musition have always had extensive learning and reference materials available for students, in the form of Lessons screens. In version 4, all Lessons have been refreshed, updated and expanded. Every screen now features a clean modern look and notation examples can be easily played back, by simply by clicking on the notation with your mouse.

In today's electronic music classrooms and teaching studios, Lessons allow students to easily browse through subject areas that they aren t familiar with and address problem areas quickly and easily. They also allow students working outside the classroom to work more effectively without teacher supervision.

34 Theory Training topics, also divided into 5 topic groups:

  • Pitch
  • Rhythm
  • Terms & Symbols
  • Harmony
  • Instruments

Classroom Use, Assessment and Record Keeping
Auralia and Musition both feature extensive record keeping, assessment and testing features, ALL of which are completely networkable.

  • Record an unlimited number of students results
  • Use the Classes feature to define how the program operates for varying age and ability levels of students
  • The Syllabus feature allows you to modify and save levels, allowing you to tailor questions and answers to suit your students pedagogical requirements
  • Create customised Tests (worksheets) for your students
  • View and Print student scores for Test and Courses as well as regular practice

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