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DescriptionRRP inc GSTRRP ex GST
Sibelius First 7 (download only) + $8 delivered
Sibelius Professional Perpetual License (download  only)
Sibelius Professional Annual Subscription (download only)$340.00$295.65
Sibelius Professional  Perpetual License Photoscore and Audioscore
Sibelius Upgrade with one year AVID support and updates$430.00$373.91
Sibelius upgrade with three years AVID support and updates$570.00$495.65
Sibelius   Academic for  Institutes, Teachers  and Students (download only)
Sibelius  Install Media  delivered
Sibelius Academic for Students and Teachers Annual Subscription download only)

Sibelius  Academic   Upgrade  Single from any previous version( download only)
Sibelius  install media delivered
 Sibelius Annual Updatee and Support Renewal Plan
 $148.00 $128.70
Sibelius 3 Year Update and Renewal  Plan $285.00 $247.83
Sibelius Crossgrade from from Finale and Encore$285.00$247.83
 Sibelius First Trade Up to Sibelius
 $570.00 $495.65
Photoscore Ultimate  8 $360.00$313.04
Audioscore Ultimate 8$360.00 $313.04
Photoscre Ultimate 8 Notateme 8 Audioscore Ultimate 8
 $540.00 $469.57
ProTools  EDU student wiith iLok
ProTools Edu Teacher/Institute with iLok$430.00$373.91
ProTools  Edu/Student Annual  Subscription  with iLok$162.00$140.87
ProTools Upgrade for Institute$162.00$140.87
Pace  iLok2 $75.00 $60.87
Sibelius Educational Site Licenses
Sibelius  multi-user site license (5+ seats for new licenses any number for expansions)
 $212.75 $185.00
Sibelius  Media Pack$63.00
Sibelius  6,7, 7.5 multi seat expansions
Sibelius Multi Seat Annual Subscriptions Network per sub$109.25$95.00
 Sibelius Multi Seat Annual Subscription Stand alone  per sub
 $109.25 $95.00
Sibelius multi-user upgrades from Sibelius 7.5 or earlier
Sibelius  upgrade per seat$51.75
Sibelius install media
 Auralia and Musition 12 Month Subscription School Purchase Min 10 students
Auralia Cloud  Annual Subscription per student (10+ students)$31.00$26.96
Auralia Cloud Bundle(purchased with Musition) Subscription per student (10+)$26.00$22.61
Musition Cloud Annual Subscription per student (10+students)$31.00$26.96
Musition Cloud Bundle(purchased with Auralia) subscription per student$26.00$22.61
Auralia and Musition Cloud 12 Month Subscription Student Purchase  
Auralia 12 month subscription$31.00$26.96
Musition 12 month subscription$31.00$26.96
Auralia and Musition 12 Month Subscription$52.00$45.22
Auralia  Student (download)
Auralia /Musition  Student Bundle  (download)
Auralia   Single (download)
Auralia /Musition  Single Bundle (download)
Auralia Student Upgrade (download)$64.00$55.65
Auralia Single Upgrade (download)
Musition Student (download)$108.00$93.91
Musition/Auralia Student Bundle (download)$169.00$146.96
Musition  Single  (download)$215.00$186.95
Musition/Auralia Single Bundle (download)$349.00$303.48
Musition Student Upgrade (download)$64.00$55.65
Musition Single Upgrade (download)$130.00$113.04

Auralia and Musition Multi Seat Licenses

Auralia Multi seat (per seat minimum 5 )
Musition Multi seat (per seat minimum 5)
Auralia & Musition Seat (per seat minimum 5)
Auralia Multi Upgrade (per seat)$88.00$76.52
Musition Multi Upgrade (per seat)
Auralia & Musition Multi Upgrade  per seat$140.00$121.74
Band in a Box$215.00$186.96
Band in a Box Mega Pack*$395.00$343.48
Band in a Box Ultra Pack (Hard Drive delivered)
 Band in a Box Ultra Pack (Download Only)
 $700.00 $608.70
Mixcraft Single Edu seat$89.99$78.25
 Mixcraft 6 Multi License  5-24 seats (price per seat)
 $63.25 $55.00
 Mixcraft 6 Multi License 25 - 49 seats (price per seat)
 $51.75 $45.00
 Mixcraft 6 Multi seat license 50-99 seats (price per seat)
 $40.25 $35.00
Guitar Pro 7 Single license (3 installs)
 $105.00 $91.30
 Guitar Pro 7 Upgrade (Available till August 30 2017)
 $42.00 $36.52

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