Sharing Sibelius Scores

Share your  Sibelius scores so everyone can see them and  play back on any device.

1. Make sure your Sibelius AVID support and update package is up to date.
You can do this by logging into your AVID account  and heading to the My Products and Subscriptions tab.  Sibelius 8.7  and on wards have the cloud share facility but you have to have a current support and update package  for cloud sharing to work.

2.Once you know you are all up to date,  make sure your Sibelius programe is closed and then open your Application Manager,  use your computer’s search function to locate it or go to  C Drive>Files> AVID >Application Manager and scoot down the
list to the AvidApplicationManager .exe file and double or right click.
You need to be signed into your AVID account through the Application Manager before you open Sibelius.

3. Open Sibelius and the score you want to share then hit the share button in the home tab.

score sharing

You can share the link or embed the score (but not on basic  wordpress sites!)
And you can turn off sharing when ever you want.

Check the link below  to see how easy it is for people to view and playback a score even if they don’t have Sibelius.

Check the score!


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