Sadly Computer Music Ltd is winding up operations
and will no longer be supplying or supporting Sibelius products.
You can get AVID sibelius support here and here.
You can also contact the team at Music Education Network (Music EdNet)  the best email is info@musicednet.co.nz
Phone number is 0800 141 474
Support is support@musicednet.co.nz.  The Music EdNet team really know their stuff so you will be in safe hands.  Here is a link to their website Music Education Network
For  PD and training and set up advice you can also contact Martin Emo martinthomasemo@gmail.com   www.martinthomasemo.com

I have loved my time with Computer Music Ltd, especially working with all the fantastic music teacher of NZ who have been such an inspiration,  but its time for a new adventure. From term 1 2019 I will be working as a classroom teacher in the Far North.
And continuing with my visual arts practice.


November update

Our November update is now online,  you can read it here
Key updates are the Sibelius product realignment,  and information on  Sibelius score sharing.

Also we have changed our contact details slightly – with Helen spending
more time in the classroom, we have made the decision to de-commission the
0800 number and encourage communication by email, although you can still
give us a call on 021 620 121.

All the price lists have been refreshed, full price list for Sibelius, ProTools, Auralia and Musition and Band in a Box and MusicFirst Classroom pricelist

Looking  forward to helping with your 2019 quotes and budgeting.




Sharing Sibelius Scores

Share your  Sibelius scores so everyone can see them and  play back on any device.

1. Make sure your Sibelius AVID support and update package is up to date.
You can do this by logging into your AVID account  and heading to the My Products and Subscriptions tab.  Sibelius 8.7  and on wards have the cloud share facility but you have to have a current support and update package  for cloud sharing to work.

2.Once you know you are all up to date,  make sure your Sibelius programe is closed and then open your Application Manager,  use your computer’s search function to locate it or go to  C Drive>Files> AVID >Application Manager and scoot down the
list to the AvidApplicationManager .exe file and double or right click.
You need to be signed into your AVID account through the Application Manager before you open Sibelius.

3. Open Sibelius and the score you want to share then hit the share button in the home tab.

score sharing

You can share the link or embed the score (but not on basic  wordpress sites!)
And you can turn off sharing when ever you want.

Check the link below  to see how easy it is for people to view and playback a score even if they don’t have Sibelius.

Check the score!


MusicFirst Junior


MusicFirst Junior is an great new Teaching System for Primary Music Education.

Ideal for both teacher-led and independent student use, it’s also perfect for flipped classrooms and cross-arts learning.

Cost for an annual school wide license (unlimited number of students and 3 Teachers) is NZ$418.95exGST
If you would like a 30 day trial drop me a line helen@computermusic.co.nz
There is a  student iPad app for MusicFirst Junior and Groovy Music.

Teachers can use existing music resources, create quizzes and tasks and check students progress

Perhaps the most exciting thing for me is that Groovy Music is back as a fully functioning iPad app, both the explore and create features included, so students can explore music concepts and collect tokens to unlock new sounds in Groovy Shapes, Groovy Jungle and Groovy City.  That means an app that can cater to all levels of Primary/Intermediate school.

Well worth a look if you have been searching for a new way to engage students, and deliver music resources across the whole school.
MusicFirst Junior PDF


Band in A Box UltraPlus Pak 2017


Band In A Box is an intelligent automatic accompaniment program… and a powerful and creative music composition tool for exploring and developing musical ideas with near-instantaneous feedback.

We have one  Band in a Box UltraPlus Pak 2017 left on the shelf  NZ$760.00incGST delivered, and can deliver all other Band in a Box product via download.
Call 0800 468742 to order now.

band in a box screenshot  DAW

Band in a Box Ultra PlusPak Hard Drive includes
Band-in-a-Box® 2017
RealBand 2017
Over 2,200 RealTracks Listen to demos!
49-PAK 24 Bonus UNRELEASED RealTracks, 22 Instrumental Studies, 30 MIDI SuperTracks, and 59 Styles for Rediscovered RealTracks/MIDI SuperTracks!
Over 175 MIDI SuperTracks
Over 2,000 MIDI Styles
Over 300 MIDI Soloists.
Over 200 MIDI Melodists.
21 Nature Sounds and Percussion Loops
145 Artist Performances
1,000 Dubstep, Modern and Top 40 Loops
90GB Download or available as a pre loaded hard drive.

Watch a video of all the 2017 Band in a Box Features

Compare all the Band in a Box packages here