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We are having a clear out this week and have some great prices on our current but limited stock.

Auralia5and Musition5 single cloud subscriptions for students.
Auralia & Musition upgrades and single licenses.
Sibelius First.
and Band in a Box – including Band in a Box Ultra Pak Plus

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MusicFirst Junior


MusicFirst Junior is an great new Teaching System for Primary Music Education.

Ideal for both teacher-led and independent student use, it’s also perfect for flipped classrooms and cross-arts learning.

Cost for an annual school wide license (unlimited number of students and 3 Teachers) is NZ$418.95exGST
If you would like a 30 day trial drop me a line
There is a  student iPad app for MusicFirst Junior and Groovy Music.

Teachers can use existing music resources, create quizzes and tasks and check students progress

Perhaps the most exciting thing for me is that Groovy Music is back as a fully functioning iPad app, both the explore and create features included, so students can explore music concepts and collect tokens to unlock new sounds in Groovy Shapes, Groovy Jungle and Groovy City.  That means an app that can cater to all levels of Primary/Intermediate school.

Well worth a look if you have been searching for a new way to engage students, and deliver music resources across the whole school.
MusicFirst Junior PDF



MusicFirst teaching in a connected world

Is your school is BYOD?
Do you need a digital learning strategy?
MusicFirst Online Classroom Offers

  • Online classroom for music education
  • Curriculum-based lessons and content
  • Digital assessment and portfolios for all students
  • Student and teacher access anywhere on any device
  • Create and grade tests and projects with ease

MusicFirst offers an intergrated Online Classroom as well as stand alone tools you can use with your students,  and  a Junior MusicFirst Option.
Check here for a PDF detailing  the intergrated  tools available.


Auralia 5 and Musition 5


With real audio and notation, Auralia 5 & Musition 5 provide superb contextual ear training and music theory. Access through a browser version creates even
more access for students using iPads, tablets and chromebooks.

The content library contains hundreds of audio recordings and notation excerpts, providing students and teachers with an almost endless number of high quality questions, for both junior and advanced students. Teachers can import their own audio and notation examples, allowing content to be mapped to school curriculum.  Any item can be included in theory and aural worksheets, in combination with any of the existing Auralia and Musition drills. The included notation editor even allows you to create your own scores, making it very easy to customize melodic, rhythmic and harmonic dictation exercises!

A complete interface refresh has made it easier than ever for teachers to manage their students, classes and tasks.  New features include timing – all practice time is recorded, and time limits can now be set on any test! The reports now include a student summary, presenting all practice, test and course scores into a simple sequence for each student.  Date selection has been dramatically improved and the new report design is much easier to read.

Singing support in Auralia 5 has been dramatically improved.  The new microphone setup wizard helps each student set their optimum input level, ensuring accurate pitch assessment. We also now allow students to hear back their singing after it’s assessed – an absolutely fantastic tool for student review!

Auralia features Part Dictation, requiring students to transcribe one or more SATB parts, using simple and advanced chord vocab.  In Musition we have an great new topic called Polyrhythms, making it easy to practice patterns such as 3:2, 5:4 and many more!