Sadly Computer Music Ltd is winding up operations
and will no longer be supplying or supporting Sibelius products.
You can get AVID sibelius support here and here.
You can also contact the team at Music Education Network (Music EdNet)  the best email is info@musicednet.co.nz
Phone number is 0800 141 474
Support is support@musicednet.co.nz.  The Music EdNet team really know their stuff so you will be in safe hands.  Here is a link to their website Music Education Network
For  PD and training and set up advice you can also contact Martin Emo martinthomasemo@gmail.com   www.martinthomasemo.com

I have loved my time with Computer Music Ltd, especially working with all the fantastic music teacher of NZ who have been such an inspiration,  but its time for a new adventure. From term 1 2019 I will be working as a classroom teacher in the Far North.
And continuing with my visual arts practice.


November update

Our November update is now online,  you can read it here
Key updates are the Sibelius product realignment,  and information on  Sibelius score sharing.

Also we have changed our contact details slightly – with Helen spending
more time in the classroom, we have made the decision to de-commission the
0800 number and encourage communication by email, although you can still
give us a call on 021 620 121.

All the price lists have been refreshed, full price list for Sibelius, ProTools, Auralia and Musition and Band in a Box and MusicFirst Classroom pricelist

Looking  forward to helping with your 2019 quotes and budgeting.





Every now and then you have to take a leap of faith.
This is our leap of faith – from our established 8 year old perfectly operational  but cluttered website to a  new tidied up version. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0800 468742 or drop Helen an email