Sibelius Ultimate Education Multi Seat Licenses

Sibelius Educational Multi Licenses Price inc GST Price ex GST
Sibelius Multi/Network License (5+ seats)
New & Expansions
$212.75 $185.00
Sibelius Multi/Network License upgrade $51.75 $45.00
Sibelius Multi seat/Network
Annual Subscription
$109.25 $95.00
Sibelius install media $63.00 $54.78

As well as all the new features in Sibelius Ultimate  there are the educational features which make it indispensable  in the classroom.
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Inspire creativity, boost results and make music more accessible. Sibelius is used in the world’s classrooms every day to enhance music education and help students achieve great results.

  • Students can hear what they are composing thanks to high quality playback
  • Teachers can access over  1700 ready to use worksheets, posters and pieces of music and prepare teaching scores quickly
  • Students can write for a film using the video feature and supplied clips
  • At no extra charge the Network Version of Sibelius lets you move licenses around your school/classroom
  • The Ideas Hub offers hundreds of musical ideas to get students started in any style of music

Easy classroom control

The network version of Sibelius 7.5 helps teachers manage a lab of Sibelius copies from a single computer, and ensure students are doing what they’re meant to be! A classroom control panel lets teachers instantly:

  • Send a starting worksheet or score to every classroom computer
  • Freeze computers to get students’ attention
  • Send messages to all students (for example, ‘Only five more minutes.’)
  • Gather all students’ work into a single folder at the end of a class — ready to run through on the interactive whiteboard.

Exchange comments with students

Teachers and students can now add virtual sticky notes to their scores – to pass on thoughts and suggestions efficiently, and in just the right places.

Generates Creative Diaries for students

Sibelius 8 automatically generates detailed, illustrated reports on students’ week-to-week progress on a score — perfect for composition coursework.

These Creative Diary reports show all the changes made between versions of a score. Students’ own comments are included along with pictures of the score as it progresses – with changes highlighted automatically .

This is all published in a neat Word document at the touch of a button.

Keyboard & Fretboard windows

For students who prefer using a keyboard or guitar to notation, these beautiful new windows are ideal. Students simply click on the keys or frets to input notes and chords – or play their computer’s QWERTY keys just like a piano!

But they’re not just for inputting. Select any note/chord, and the keyboard or fretboard shows how it’s played. And when students play the score back, they can follow the music on the keyboard or fretboard too – even if it’s written for other instruments.